Okay so what are your thoughts on the new Black Ops maps.

Posted: June 29, 2011 in General
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Okay so I give the developers 100%, wow these new maps are like *$^*ing mind-blowing in my eyes, yes one map is a rehash of cliff side from WAW but hey the gold course section is the bomb camper paradise for snipers but hey overall brilliant. I have to say the detail is brilliant they have spared no expense on the detail.

Okay so let’s have some debate or a couple of comments this time seeing as this is a topic we can discuss. PPPPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE.

  1. Gary Davis says:

    this is DaggaD. can’t figure out how to register so you see my name, but my 2c about the maps is:
    they are great. I dig the detail and I think they flow nicely. stuff to make everyone happy. places to camp and also places to run. overall, I thnk the best so far!!!

  2. Ravesniper says:

    Hi I am Ravesniper

    I am a COD addict

    I love the new maps and hate the campers,i like to stab them with my knive.

    C all tonight

  3. Disiza says:

    It brings the fun back a little bit into the game,pity they could not make the maps a bit more interactive! All and all not disappointed but not over the moon! Sniping as you mention is now alot more fun!


  4. Drihan Greyling says:

    I am MadMax ZA , I love COD , I love the new maps , I love the new Zombies and I will not be able to play COD tonight and that I don’t love………………………….it’s just tears if I think about it.

    Yes Rave I hate the Campers as well!!!!!

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