The Future of gaming. OH MY GOSH.

Posted: July 15, 2011 in General
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Okay so gone are the days of the couch potato sitting playing games all night and all day, interactive gaming using kinect is whats coming folks below I have attached a link to the new Ghost recon game coming on Xbox using kinect hence the picture above we are going to have to turn our games rooms into mini war zones BBBOOOYYYAAAA.

I am all up for this just don’t know if the knees can hold up jumping and rolling all over the floor diving behind the couch and going prone all the time so I think ill be all your XP cow. On a positive note all those little SUPERSIZE me kids who play Xbox instead of playing outside are gonna end up losing some weight if this is the future of gaming.

So what are your views on the future of gaming?

  1. Francois says:

    Flippin cool video want to buy game looks good

  2. Craig Stuart says:

    Ja would be cool if it turns out to be exactly like that all most like the sci fi movies.

  3. Souranply says:

    Originally didn’t buy a Kinect because the games looked, well, bad. But this looks cool so I may reconsider that purchase.

    Part of me believes it will help children physically but the other part does not. It mostly just comes down to what the games tells the kids to do and if that actually requires exertion.

  4. This is the future of gaming, but we are not going to be losing weight anytime soon the gunsmith menu with the Kinect will be the only part of the game that will utilize it, however in the future the possibilities are endless.My opinion pretty flippen damn coooooollllllllllll! Here is another link real world test. Still a bit of delay.

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