If your stuff gets sold.

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If you put stuff up for sale and it gets sold let me know so i can take it off please.


Okay so here is the official trailer for MW3 I cant wait I just got a semi after checking the vid I hate wishing time away but hey bring november on.



Okay so there has been lots of talk about buying new headphones and other electrical components on the DMW facebook page, so what I have decided to do is start a new page on our blog called stuff for sale/and places where you can buy stuff cheaper. Most of us have either bought or flogged something recently it could be a game or X41’s etc and my initial thought was that maybe one of the clan members might want first dibs on and item being sold.

As well as those that are buying electronic items might have been able to source stuff that a few other might want as well so please post the link for the site or shop name etc, I will move all these into the stuff for sale page so if anyone wants something or wants to sell something that the DMW guys have first option on it.

Obviously don’t pull the piss out of the price as it might not sell but i think this would be a good way of selling stuff and or helping each other.

Okay so I got to 13th prestige and 2 to go but hell am I bored with this game and need something else soon, but because i have committed so much time to complete this game I have to finish, yes I want to play battelfield with the boys and yes I want to play other games but with so much time committed I have to finish it.

Any way below is a link to an aussie site where they have some info on Modern Warfare 3 which I thought you guys might like, i just hope we don’t have the same crap with MW3 as we have had with BO cause ill seriously have a meltdown, if you remember back to the days of COD 4 and MW2 every night we could fill and maintain a DMW lobbie but today we can’t even fill a 12 player game I wonder why. Give us your thought on this please guys I want the old days back.


Okay so i feel like a real righteous idiot, So as you all know my Xboxelite went to heaven, oh well i thought so until I went past Brett’s house today and Don was there and we tested my machine with Brett’s power and well it didn’t turn on but then Brett noticed that one of my usb ports pins was touching the metal work. OH HOW OF AN IDIOT I AM.

Okay so the night my Xbox went to so-called heaven I went onto the net and researched what the causes could be and tried all the things they mentioned with no joy, so what do I do I go spend R3500 to buy a new one.

HHHHMMMMMMM I get home from Brett’s not 5 mins ago and type in GOOGLE xbox pins bent and what does it tell me, bent pins can shut down machine. HOLY PHUCK so i get some long-nosed pliers and bend them straight and guess what happens. MY FRIGGEN BOX COMES ON. So in saying this guys and gals before any of you go buy a new box let’s try and figure the problem out and help each other because I don’t want any of you throwing money down the tubes like I just did.

I am so andry with myself that I want to blow a fuse.

Okay so here is how it went down we are playing Capture the flag on summit in the first half I was Don Shadows biatch where ever i went there was Don i got the flag he killed me, he was tanking so bad  I was getting so miffed with him like usual. But here is where it gets good, second half starts I have fast class lightweight pro, marathon pro, hardend pro, flash bangs, semtex and AK74u and my little friend the .

 Okay so the game starts we are on the top-level I sprint towards the top entrance and decide to throw my TOMAHAWK across the map and this is what follows. Yeah yeah  I aint got a hd pvr so bare with me I did this movie on my phone.



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I think the time has come to do something different with Black Ops, yeah I must say that I am getting bored with the traditional multiplayer of Black ops and yes I do want to get to prestige 15th and I will concentrate on doing this but I think we need to have a change.

I would like to mention that Dominion is currently along with a few other players  IonizedShooter, TheIllusionist, and Mr Tanker himself Google have achieved the highest level in zombies in South Africa so far which is level 28. Well done DOMINION.

So here is my reccomendation , obviously I have no idea on how to play it so those that do need to help us that we set aside a specific night either on the weekend or the week where you can have some dedicated game play to Zombies, Dominion says you need like 4 hours or so.

If your keen respond to this in the comments section and lets set it up.

Oh and by the way I got my first TOMAHAWK over the map last night against DON SHADOW (your my biatch know DON SHADOW) I am going to download the game and take a snapshot of the clip and post it.