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Okay so when all you guys with deep pockets want to get the biggest and best and trade your X41’s or PS5’s make sure you make them available to DMW first please.

Turtle Beach coming out with Modern Warfare 3 headsets Posted by Gieson Cacho on July 19th, 2011 at 6:01 am | Categorized as Video Games | Tagged as Call of Duty, headsets, Modern Warfare 3, Turtle Beach *Update We got some wrong info and those Ear Force Bravo headphones are actually $179.95. Turtle Beach is making some major headway into the video games headphones market, and their latest move is a coup. The Elmsford, N.Y.-based company has struck a deal with Activision to create a new line of Ear Force headsets for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. As you can see, they look good, reminiscent of the PX models, but it’s the sounds they emit that count. According to Turtle Beach, they’ll be coming out with four different headsets using military call letters — Ear Force Delta, Ear Force Bravo, Ear Force Charlie and Ear Force Foxtrot. All will be different but they’ll come with audio presets specifically designed for the game and tuned by the audio teams from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. The top of the line will be Ear Force Delta, which is the 3-optimized programmable wireless Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound headset with Bluetooth Chat. It sounds a lot like the PX5’s except this comes with a special carrying case and is preloaded with the MW3 presets and voice prompts. It sells for a whopping $299.95. Ear Force Bravo is also wireless but doesn’t have the Bluetooth Chat feature. Like Ear Force Delta, it works for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It sells for $179.95. It’s also pictured at the top of this post. Ear Force Charlie is a multispeaker surround sound PC gaming headset. Turtle Beach is calling it “tournament grade.” It comes with eight amplified, acoustically angled speakers. The headset also appears to be wired. It’s selling for $129.95. Lastly, Ear Force Foxtrot is a wired headset that works across Xbox 360 and PS3. According to the press release, it provides gamers with high-fidelity amplified audio. It’s selling for $99.95. If these headsets are just as good as the aforementioned PX5’s, then it could be worth your while, depending on how much your willing to spend. But if you’re serious about your Call of Duty gaming, these wouldn’t be a bad investment. I figure the best value would be Ear Force Bravo. It offers the biggest bang for the buck. Trust me, never underestimate the joy of wireless headsets. Turtle Beach’s Modern Warfare 3 headsets are scheduled for release in October. For details, check out their site here


Okay so first impression of this site is WOW, to have some one looking for special deals for you on gaming etc is just like @#%$ing awesome especially in todays economic situation getting a good deal on something is always good, saves you time saves you money and the fuss gives me more time for  my Xbox.

Here is an overview of them.

We know that there are a lot of local gaming and general entertainment websites out there, but our aim is to bring you something different.  Our main focus will be to provide you, the gamer, with the latest “breaking deals” regarding games, gaming peripherals, general entertainment and anything else that would be of interest to a gamer.

Not only will we be bringing you deals, but we will also concentrate on amassing a collection of video reviews for individual high profile games so that they’re watchable in one, easy to find location.  And not to forget, this all comes with a touch of comedy to keep the tone light and fun.  Like we said before, there are a bunch of local sites out there that bring you breaking video games news and do it very well.  We want to differentiate ourselves by providing you with breaking deals instead as well as some insight to the product you’re buying.  Essentially, this is a way for you to save on great video games, movies, TV series, etc. and also a way for you to decide for yourself whether or not they’re actually great.  Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve bought a game and had buyer’s remorse because it had a feature or element in it that you didn’t like or missed something that you’ve come to expect in all games?  For instance, a lack of same-screen/split-screen or system link co-op so that you can play with your real-life and/or gaming co-op partner.  I mean, why do games nowadays still do that? … quite possibly for us, that’s a deal breaker!  Things like that can sometimes seem small or silly but they can make a big difference in your purchasing decision process.

We look forward to being of service to you and hope that you enjoy our site and what we have to offer.  We also ask that you provide feedback to let us know what you like, dislike or want to see in the future.  Lastly, we’ve added share buttons at the bottom of each post so if you feel your friends would like or benefit from one of our posts, please share it with them.


Thank you and Happy Gaming!

The Janitor ZA and FireFlyZA


Okay so as the saying goes “local is lekker” please guys register on the site and please support them I know I definitely will.

Okay so I give the developers 100%, wow these new maps are like *$^*ing mind-blowing in my eyes, yes one map is a rehash of cliff side from WAW but hey the gold course section is the bomb camper paradise for snipers but hey overall brilliant. I have to say the detail is brilliant they have spared no expense on the detail.

Okay so let’s have some debate or a couple of comments this time seeing as this is a topic we can discuss. PPPPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE.

Okay so I am having a bitch here but I think I have to say something before it gets out of control, So you can see the legoman above, what is he? yeah yeah we all know who he is. Here is the problem I had a full on go with you know who via xbox live and he called me names and I came back at him surreptitiously which flew over his head I think. But here in lies the problem in our back and forth last night over us bailing on a game I told him he lags, his come back was the following and I quote ” I have a 4meg line with a 10ms ping”

SO riddle me this, why is it that when we play against him and he gets the final killcam this appears on the screen.

Most of us have 4 meg lines and I have watched so many final kill cams and I am yet to see this appear on any one of DMW members final killcam even with those with 1 meg lines. So why is it that when they play against us and profess to have 4 meg lines with 10ms ping rates that this appears on the killcam. SEE BELOW for the answer I take my gaming seriously but this just isn’t on and I don’t condone this behaviour at all.

So I might be making a mountain out of a molehill but this is the only explanation that I can come up with. Do me a favour next time you play all locale games watch the final killcam and in the lobby if you see the connection logo ask the player what line he plays off. If he has a 318 or 1 meg line I would say ya okay but if he has 4 meg then HOUSTON we have a problem. Also if you are in a match with the Lego man at the top or any of his clan and they have final killcam and you see that logo then HOUSTON we have a problem. As i already mentioned he said he has 4 meg line and 10 ms ping so there should be no reason for the connection logo.

Should any of you have a reason for lag or have any idea on why it happens let me know please. cause im on the warpath.



Well I am running out of some content to put in this blog so I thought I would post a topic for conversation on how people think this is going to work and if it will be useful for the DIE HARD cod players like TEAM ANNIHILATION DMW (dead men walking). What I have read up about it so far looks very good I have attached the FAQ’s for you to have a look at and guys let’s make this interactive as I am feeling like im the only okie who’s putting some info up.

Well round three starts and it couldn’t have come fast enough, I was so ready to hang up my controller until MW3 came out if it wasnt for the fact that I was so close to level 15 prestige I honestly think I would have hung it up already and played tidily winks. Well below is a link to the vid thanks Peppies for bring it to my attention I seem to have lost interest in following whats happening with it.

I wonder if you can use the butt of a sniper rifle to drive the ball down the fairway lol. I know exactly where Peppies, Yster and a few other are going to be hiding on this map (they will be in the 19th hole) for those that don’t play golf that’s the pub he he he. I think i will be lying in some bunker with some camouflage on waiting for some unsuspecting passerby trying to chip in from the rough.

As for the drive in this will be Rave’s best map because he can get a coffee to go or a dagwood and fries and a coke before he finds a corner to climb into, I am making fun of the new maps cause I hope that can keep my interest for longer than the recent maps have. Well they are saying 1200 Microsoft points and they come out on a Tuesday again so I suppose ill have to take another days leave for this oh its a bummer when you have to take a day off work LOL.



 Okay guys and gals, after Dominion and myself talking yesterday about ADSL and the pros of moving over to AFrihost it got me thinking. We are probably the biggest clan is South Africa currently if you include the juniors, why not use this to out benefit so I have taken the initiative and sent an email to BT games, if anyone can think of another place where we could send this mail to which I will attach below then please let me know. BELOW IS THE EMAIL I SENT TO BT GAMES.

Hi Glen

Well let me get right to it, you might not have heard of us being DMW but let me tell you who we are and what we would like you to help us with.

We are probably the biggest Xbox 360 clan in south Africa totalling 24 members and growing, all of like-minded mentality and gaming ethos we are made up of mainly older group of guys with an average age of about 35 and our oldest clan member being 57 and youngest being 14. We have a junior division which has about 7 members which are most of our children so in total we are about 31 members. We are all Xbox addicts and play everything ranging from kinect to our favourite the COD series and other first person shooter games.

Why I am telling you this is most of us shop at different stores and what I as the founder of DMW is trying to achieve is to get a communal shop we shop at, you might say what will this achieve and here is the punch line as most of as previously stated are addicted to Xbox we were wondering if you would be prepared to offer us a discount if all of us shopped at you store when purchasing the new arrivals. Most of us buy at least 6 games a year from various outlets like CNA, BT, Look and Listen Musica etc but if I could get all of us to buy from you it will not only help you but by offering us a discount it will help us.

We currently have a DMW facebook page where we could advertise BT games for you as well as I recently started up a blog on wordpress for the DMW group where we discuss games etc and would advertise you on this blog as well. the dead men walking face book page is a closed site but I could invite you to the group to see it if you send me your details. We have also recently had an article written about us for eGamer online  you will see in this article I make mention to BT games already.

We look forward to hearing from you


if anyone can think of any other service provider wo could approach to sponsor us let me know maybe we could get adsl cheaper or something if you don’t ask you don’t get simple as that. in saying this i need you to tell your friends who play Xbox to register on our blog, from past experience numbers count so let you friends know about this blog the more followers we get the better.