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Okay so when all you guys with deep pockets want to get the biggest and best and trade your X41’s or PS5’s make sure you make them available to DMW first please.

Turtle Beach coming out with Modern Warfare 3 headsets Posted by Gieson Cacho on July 19th, 2011 at 6:01 am | Categorized as Video Games | Tagged as Call of Duty, headsets, Modern Warfare 3, Turtle Beach *Update We got some wrong info and those Ear Force Bravo headphones are actually $179.95. Turtle Beach is making some major headway into the video games headphones market, and their latest move is a coup. The Elmsford, N.Y.-based company has struck a deal with Activision to create a new line of Ear Force headsets for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. As you can see, they look good, reminiscent of the PX models, but it’s the sounds they emit that count. According to Turtle Beach, they’ll be coming out with four different headsets using military call letters — Ear Force Delta, Ear Force Bravo, Ear Force Charlie and Ear Force Foxtrot. All will be different but they’ll come with audio presets specifically designed for the game and tuned by the audio teams from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. The top of the line will be Ear Force Delta, which is the 3-optimized programmable wireless Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound headset with Bluetooth Chat. It sounds a lot like the PX5’s except this comes with a special carrying case and is preloaded with the MW3 presets and voice prompts. It sells for a whopping $299.95. Ear Force Bravo is also wireless but doesn’t have the Bluetooth Chat feature. Like Ear Force Delta, it works for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It sells for $179.95. It’s also pictured at the top of this post. Ear Force Charlie is a multispeaker surround sound PC gaming headset. Turtle Beach is calling it “tournament grade.” It comes with eight amplified, acoustically angled speakers. The headset also appears to be wired. It’s selling for $129.95. Lastly, Ear Force Foxtrot is a wired headset that works across Xbox 360 and PS3. According to the press release, it provides gamers with high-fidelity amplified audio. It’s selling for $99.95. If these headsets are just as good as the aforementioned PX5’s, then it could be worth your while, depending on how much your willing to spend. But if you’re serious about your Call of Duty gaming, these wouldn’t be a bad investment. I figure the best value would be Ear Force Bravo. It offers the biggest bang for the buck. Trust me, never underestimate the joy of wireless headsets. Turtle Beach’s Modern Warfare 3 headsets are scheduled for release in October. For details, check out their site here


Okay so gone are the days of the couch potato sitting playing games all night and all day, interactive gaming using kinect is whats coming folks below I have attached a link to the new Ghost recon game coming on Xbox using kinect hence the picture above we are going to have to turn our games rooms into mini war zones BBBOOOYYYAAAA.

I am all up for this just don’t know if the knees can hold up jumping and rolling all over the floor diving behind the couch and going prone all the time so I think ill be all your XP cow. On a positive note all those little SUPERSIZE me kids who play Xbox instead of playing outside are gonna end up losing some weight if this is the future of gaming.

So what are your views on the future of gaming?

Well I am running out of some content to put in this blog so I thought I would post a topic for conversation on how people think this is going to work and if it will be useful for the DIE HARD cod players like TEAM ANNIHILATION DMW (dead men walking). What I have read up about it so far looks very good I have attached the FAQ’s for you to have a look at and guys let’s make this interactive as I am feeling like im the only okie who’s putting some info up.

Rage Quit

Posted: May 12, 2011 in General
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Okay so this seems to be coming a problem with me, I ask you this how the **** can someone be that good all of the time, hey I don’t profess to be the best player and hey yes I might not have the reflexes of a ninja kitten anymore but my gut tells me something aint right. I watch killcams I down load game play and 6 out of 10 times I have started shooting first and had at least 4 hit markers before the guy even realises he is being shot BUT HEY no he turns around and smacks me with 2 shots and im dead. When I watch replay he has no flackjacket i have flackjacket.

SO what the **** !!!!!! , is it me is it my line is it that I suck so bad or is it cheating of some sort or is it some ninja kitten.I have noticed more often that guys from DMW are getting the absolute sh**s with some of the other SA players who I wont mention as I cannot prove or disprove that they are cheating in some way, as I am BBT (born before technology) it’s perplexing me so I did a bit of research and this is what I found.

Okay so holy **** the guy in the second video even gives you a vocal disclaimer, So what is it is it that I am an old dude with slow reflexes or is the fact that today these lighties have the ability to hack systems, yes I realise we can’t prove sh*t but hey I figured something out the other day which I verbalised in the lobby after the game. Let me explain game demolition on convoy getting our arses whipped by you know who and he aint a skateboard rider lol, at the end of the game he was like 69 for 7 I had 3 run ins with him where I knew I had upper hand based on killcam and then thereafter watching the replay, i had flackjacket he had none, so anyway in the final killcam which he was the final person to kill someone before the game ended noticing that the whole way through he had 4 green bars fully local game when the final killcam came up his screen showed a communication error hhhhhmmmmm 4 green bars communication error refer to first vid I posted. So at first I thought hey maybe not a prob next 3 games either him or his other clan mates had the same situation game winning kill communication error again but 4 green bars. WTF!!!!!!

So I pose this question to you is it us or is it my imagination or are we being played?


Sorry about that but I love my gaming but when I saw this I got so friggen mad I wanted to give up seriously go play tiddlywinks or something. So if you agree with me that there is something funny going on how do we solve this problem going forward to prevent us rage quitting.

  Please leave your comments.

 Okay guys and gals, after Dominion and myself talking yesterday about ADSL and the pros of moving over to AFrihost it got me thinking. We are probably the biggest clan is South Africa currently if you include the juniors, why not use this to out benefit so I have taken the initiative and sent an email to BT games, if anyone can think of another place where we could send this mail to which I will attach below then please let me know. BELOW IS THE EMAIL I SENT TO BT GAMES.

Hi Glen

Well let me get right to it, you might not have heard of us being DMW but let me tell you who we are and what we would like you to help us with.

We are probably the biggest Xbox 360 clan in south Africa totalling 24 members and growing, all of like-minded mentality and gaming ethos we are made up of mainly older group of guys with an average age of about 35 and our oldest clan member being 57 and youngest being 14. We have a junior division which has about 7 members which are most of our children so in total we are about 31 members. We are all Xbox addicts and play everything ranging from kinect to our favourite the COD series and other first person shooter games.

Why I am telling you this is most of us shop at different stores and what I as the founder of DMW is trying to achieve is to get a communal shop we shop at, you might say what will this achieve and here is the punch line as most of as previously stated are addicted to Xbox we were wondering if you would be prepared to offer us a discount if all of us shopped at you store when purchasing the new arrivals. Most of us buy at least 6 games a year from various outlets like CNA, BT, Look and Listen Musica etc but if I could get all of us to buy from you it will not only help you but by offering us a discount it will help us.

We currently have a DMW facebook page where we could advertise BT games for you as well as I recently started up a blog on wordpress for the DMW group where we discuss games etc and would advertise you on this blog as well. the dead men walking face book page is a closed site but I could invite you to the group to see it if you send me your details. We have also recently had an article written about us for eGamer online  you will see in this article I make mention to BT games already.

We look forward to hearing from you


if anyone can think of any other service provider wo could approach to sponsor us let me know maybe we could get adsl cheaper or something if you don’t ask you don’t get simple as that. in saying this i need you to tell your friends who play Xbox to register on our blog, from past experience numbers count so let you friends know about this blog the more followers we get the better.



Well some of the Gautengerlengers where down by da sea over the easter weekend, shyte they can drink.

While sitting around tanning a chop and having a few whiskeys (far to many for me) we were discussing having an annual event where all the DMW guys get together whether it be Durbs JHB or pitsonderwater. I think this would be a great idea so if any of you are keen for this add a comment and let’s try to organise this.

I have added a few photos that dominion took, before he almost fell over.

Okay so one more sleep as well before the new maps remember to get your Microsoft point below is a link to MS points should you need it.

See you on the battlefield tomorrow night.

Okay so i got a semi after watching this vid im going to attach, I was totally wrong in my assumption of what the maps where going to be like in my previous post. What i am seeing is fun fun fun and you snipers out there it looks like heaven lots of high ground and for the campers like CAMPER and RAVESNIPER lol plenty spots to catch a few unsuspecting victims.

Guys and gals spread the word about this blog i want it to become more interactive so make some comments don’t just read it lets talk lets invite people and now that we are officially I reckon the largest clan due to the joining of POIZN eventually lets use our power.

Also let me know if you want any topics discussed or if you find anything of interest that others might enjoy.