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Okay so gone are the days of the couch potato sitting playing games all night and all day, interactive gaming using kinect is whats coming folks below I have attached a link to the new Ghost recon game coming on Xbox using kinect hence the picture above we are going to have to turn our games rooms into mini war zones BBBOOOYYYAAAA.

I am all up for this just don’t know if the knees can hold up jumping and rolling all over the floor diving behind the couch and going prone all the time so I think ill be all your XP cow. On a positive note all those little SUPERSIZE me kids who play Xbox instead of playing outside are gonna end up losing some weight if this is the future of gaming.

So what are your views on the future of gaming?


Okay so first impression of this site is WOW, to have some one looking for special deals for you on gaming etc is just like @#%$ing awesome especially in todays economic situation getting a good deal on something is always good, saves you time saves you money and the fuss gives me more time for  my Xbox.

Here is an overview of them.

We know that there are a lot of local gaming and general entertainment websites out there, but our aim is to bring you something different.  Our main focus will be to provide you, the gamer, with the latest “breaking deals” regarding games, gaming peripherals, general entertainment and anything else that would be of interest to a gamer.

Not only will we be bringing you deals, but we will also concentrate on amassing a collection of video reviews for individual high profile games so that they’re watchable in one, easy to find location.  And not to forget, this all comes with a touch of comedy to keep the tone light and fun.  Like we said before, there are a bunch of local sites out there that bring you breaking video games news and do it very well.  We want to differentiate ourselves by providing you with breaking deals instead as well as some insight to the product you’re buying.  Essentially, this is a way for you to save on great video games, movies, TV series, etc. and also a way for you to decide for yourself whether or not they’re actually great.  Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve bought a game and had buyer’s remorse because it had a feature or element in it that you didn’t like or missed something that you’ve come to expect in all games?  For instance, a lack of same-screen/split-screen or system link co-op so that you can play with your real-life and/or gaming co-op partner.  I mean, why do games nowadays still do that? … quite possibly for us, that’s a deal breaker!  Things like that can sometimes seem small or silly but they can make a big difference in your purchasing decision process.

We look forward to being of service to you and hope that you enjoy our site and what we have to offer.  We also ask that you provide feedback to let us know what you like, dislike or want to see in the future.  Lastly, we’ve added share buttons at the bottom of each post so if you feel your friends would like or benefit from one of our posts, please share it with them.


Thank you and Happy Gaming!

The Janitor ZA and FireFlyZA


Okay so as the saying goes “local is lekker” please guys register on the site and please support them I know I definitely will.

Okay so I give the developers 100%, wow these new maps are like *$^*ing mind-blowing in my eyes, yes one map is a rehash of cliff side from WAW but hey the gold course section is the bomb camper paradise for snipers but hey overall brilliant. I have to say the detail is brilliant they have spared no expense on the detail.

Okay so let’s have some debate or a couple of comments this time seeing as this is a topic we can discuss. PPPPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE.


unofficial box art winner for MW3, hell I can’t wait for this. What I have realised over the past year and a bit of DMW is that we are COD and MW supporters with a few of us throwing some cash away on other games. They have not released any trailers as far as I can see or even wallpapers, but there is a forum up and running already, ill post the link to it when I find it. However I did find a very interesting vid about the designers of MW3 which you guys might find interesting.

I hope you don’t mind but I will be putting links up on this site to other sites of interest, as you will see I have put a link up to eGamer mag who did a review on us and I thought it would be a good link. I also added my other blog aswell and a link to Dominions eCig site if any of you want your site loaded then send me the link and I will load it on for you.

Okay so this weekend is going to be a tough one as a lot of the players have gone away and only the die-hard players have taken their boxex with them (DOMINION) so we might be short on a few players over this weekend.

If your driving this weekend be safe, its hard to replace quality people LOL. no serious drive safe and beware of the idiots out there driving under the influence.

DMW rocks

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Okay so last night I heard someone mention that we need to have a web sit for DMW, well ja that s all fine but it means hosting and a whole lot of other stuff so I took the initiative to start a blog. And here it is. Okay so what I think must happen here is if you have anything to say or want on it just add it in comments but I will try to keep it as up to date as possible with the happenings in and about DMW and games etc I will also add links to specific sites like Facebook etc and other gaming forum

I am going to leave the site as an open site and who knows maybe if people or organisations like BT games etc see what we are doing then we can try to get some sponsorship or something. I want this to be a fun thing so add anything related to DMW or the gaming community that you deem fit.

Get your friends to register on the blog as well so we can get the numbers up and if we can do this we can negotiate with companies for some specials.

yours in service OldManOnDaMove.