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Okay so I am having a bitch here but I think I have to say something before it gets out of control, So you can see the legoman above, what is he? yeah yeah we all know who he is. Here is the problem I had a full on go with you know who via xbox live and he called me names and I came back at him surreptitiously which flew over his head I think. But here in lies the problem in our back and forth last night over us bailing on a game I told him he lags, his come back was the following and I quote ” I have a 4meg line with a 10ms ping”

SO riddle me this, why is it that when we play against him and he gets the final killcam this appears on the screen.

Most of us have 4 meg lines and I have watched so many final kill cams and I am yet to see this appear on any one of DMW members final killcam even with those with 1 meg lines. So why is it that when they play against us and profess to have 4 meg lines with 10ms ping rates that this appears on the killcam. SEE BELOW for the answer I take my gaming seriously but this just isn’t on and I don’t condone this behaviour at all.

So I might be making a mountain out of a molehill but this is the only explanation that I can come up with. Do me a favour next time you play all locale games watch the final killcam and in the lobby if you see the connection logo ask the player what line he plays off. If he has a 318 or 1 meg line I would say ya okay but if he has 4 meg then HOUSTON we have a problem. Also if you are in a match with the Lego man at the top or any of his clan and they have final killcam and you see that logo then HOUSTON we have a problem. As i already mentioned he said he has 4 meg line and 10 ms ping so there should be no reason for the connection logo.

Should any of you have a reason for lag or have any idea on why it happens let me know please. cause im on the warpath.