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Okay so I give the developers 100%, wow these new maps are like *$^*ing mind-blowing in my eyes, yes one map is a rehash of cliff side from WAW but hey the gold course section is the bomb camper paradise for snipers but hey overall brilliant. I have to say the detail is brilliant they have spared no expense on the detail.

Okay so let’s have some debate or a couple of comments this time seeing as this is a topic we can discuss. PPPPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE.


Well round three starts and it couldn’t have come fast enough, I was so ready to hang up my controller until MW3 came out if it wasnt for the fact that I was so close to level 15 prestige I honestly think I would have hung it up already and played tidily winks. Well below is a link to the vid thanks Peppies for bring it to my attention I seem to have lost interest in following whats happening with it.

I wonder if you can use the butt of a sniper rifle to drive the ball down the fairway lol. I know exactly where Peppies, Yster and a few other are going to be hiding on this map (they will be in the 19th hole) for those that don’t play golf that’s the pub he he he. I think i will be lying in some bunker with some camouflage on waiting for some unsuspecting passerby trying to chip in from the rough.

As for the drive in this will be Rave’s best map because he can get a coffee to go or a dagwood and fries and a coke before he finds a corner to climb into, I am making fun of the new maps cause I hope that can keep my interest for longer than the recent maps have. Well they are saying 1200 Microsoft points and they come out on a Tuesday again so I suppose ill have to take another days leave for this oh its a bummer when you have to take a day off work LOL.



New maps are on the way folks, there will be 5 new maps 4 of which will be MP and one zombies their names are the following. Launch date 03.05.2011

Zoo,Hotel,convoy,stockpile and survive.

Zoo is based in an actual zoo so I assume there is going to be lots of dark corners for Ravesniper to hide in, what would be cool is if the animals could get a chomp out of you if you are in the wrong place.

Hotel looks like it is going to be similar to highrise, I think this will be high pace in your face run and gun.

Convoy, is based on a stretch of road in a built up city similar to one of the maps in crysis with lots of sniper spots, just up my alley

Stockpile is similar to MW2 map where you have containers all over the place and I also think this will be a small high paced map run and gun.

as for Survive i aint a zombie player so don’t really give a %&# but if you have any news let me know.

On another note, hosting of games is becoming an issue in my eyes not from the fact of the cost but that Dominion seems to be the only one amongst us that can host a 12 player game, when it comes to team tac a few of us can host so it’s not a problem. Why I mention this is that what I think we need to do is somehow come up with a solution for funding this and other events what I am suggesting is that if everybody pays like R20-R50 a month into an account we can fund our game play and have money left over to organise functions and or get shirts made up or whatever. We are a very strong clan not only in numbers but in spirit which really makes me proud to be the founder, I saw this with Rave getting married that everyone dipped into their pockets without a hassle to purchase him a Xbox for his wedding prezzie, even though most of us have never met each other. YOU GUYS AND GALS ROCK.

If we can somehow get this fund up and running we could use this money for just this purpose helping each other out getting shirts or caps or payment of cap etc, JUST AN IDEA. We would obviously have to have a treasurer to manage this and have a report system to monitor and approve spending. And no I wont use the money for a overseas trip he he he.

I can see by the amount of friend requests i get and decline that we are the constant in the gaming community everyone wants a game and or to play with us because we are always playing, we need to use this as a tool to get sponsorship from places like BT games etc I am going to send them a link to this site as it gets more subscribers to show them that we are a force to be reckoned with are you guys with me on this. If we can get this then we will more than likely qualify for cheaper games etc.

okay so enough of me taking comment below.