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Okay so gone are the days of the couch potato sitting playing games all night and all day, interactive gaming using kinect is whats coming folks below I have attached a link to the new Ghost recon game coming on Xbox using kinect hence the picture above we are going to have to turn our games rooms into mini war zones BBBOOOYYYAAAA.

I am all up for this just don’t know if the knees can hold up jumping and rolling all over the floor diving behind the couch and going prone all the time so I think ill be all your XP cow. On a positive note all those little SUPERSIZE me kids who play Xbox instead of playing outside are gonna end up losing some weight if this is the future of gaming.

So what are your views on the future of gaming?


DMW rocks

Posted: April 21, 2011 in General
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Okay so last night I heard someone mention that we need to have a web sit for DMW, well ja that s all fine but it means hosting and a whole lot of other stuff so I took the initiative to start a blog. And here it is. Okay so what I think must happen here is if you have anything to say or want on it just add it in comments but I will try to keep it as up to date as possible with the happenings in and about DMW and games etc I will also add links to specific sites like Facebook etc and other gaming forum

I am going to leave the site as an open site and who knows maybe if people or organisations like BT games etc see what we are doing then we can try to get some sponsorship or something. I want this to be a fun thing so add anything related to DMW or the gaming community that you deem fit.

Get your friends to register on the blog as well so we can get the numbers up and if we can do this we can negotiate with companies for some specials.

yours in service OldManOnDaMove.